The Sense Of Beauty, here we are!

Here we are: the Kepach team is ready to set sail. So our fantastic journey in search of beauty begins with a smile at dawn. We are beauty seekers… We will travel to the four corners of the world to understand how the aesthetic sense has developed through cultures and centuries, tastes and geographies. How did the perception of the beautiful has conditioned our lives and social evolution? Where is beauty? In nature, in art, in science, in the human being?

We start from Amigdala, the oldest work of art ever to see where beauty comes from. We look at western masterpiecies through the centuries and go deep into asiatic art to investigate different ‘senses’ of beauty. We learn what happens in our brain when experiencing beauty. We discuss beauty in art and and show the facts that seem to prove that a big percentage of art works on the market are false. We experience beauty through world heritage sites and inaccessible places like Mt Athos in Greece.

Our eyes are already full of wonder and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Stay tuned!