Man 2.0

He is a man of the future yet he is already walking among us. He is manipulating his genes, is equipped with bionic limbs and grows his organs in the lab: this is Man 2.0, the multi-ethnic and multicultural result of today's science. The series explores past and present scenarios and looks at the future, tracing the journey that mankind is making to modify human minds and bodies.

The Sense Of Beauty

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Instead it lies deep in our minds” Denis Dutton, philosopher. We are all interested in beauty and we think to know all about it. But where does it stem from? How and why does it change through time and places? Does a universal beauty really exist? In conclusion: what is the meaning of beauty? In this six episodes series, art and knowledge become the lenses to discover the power, the complexity and the fascination of beauty.

Money Art

Money and art: two worlds, seemingly far apart, but in actuality closely intertwined. Guided by Jacques Attali and Marina Abramovic who act as contributors, together with contemporary artists, art and economy historians, collectors and art personalities, we cross continents intriguing the viewers gradually revealing them unknown, curious, passionate stories that connect historical events and financial innovations to art.

The Age Of Robots

It is a shell for an artificial intelligence, a mechanical device capable of interacting with its environment, a machine that can autonomously perform an assigned task. Robots are also much more than this, something that escapes baseline definitions and has fascinated humanity for centuries. This series guides us through the discovery of the most intriguing projects that robotics has to offer.