Massimo Brega, Author & Director with an international background in Photojournalism, is the creative genius behind all Kepach productions.  Sara  Resnati, Executive Producer with an expertise in PR & Marketing, besides being in charge of the production, she supervises all the company’s promotional activities. Camilla Tartaglione, Producer with an extensive broadcasting experience is in charge of the Co-Production & Distribution strategies and represents Kepach at major world markets and conferences.

Kepach employs different creative teams of international talents for its productions: from British Host & Scriptwriter Dominic Frisby to world famous composer Pino Donaggio and German soundtrack musician Petteri Sainio

Sara Resnati

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – The Producer, Sara Resnati, has an extensive experience of over 20 years in PR & Marketing in Italy, where she covered the…
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Massimo Brega

FILMMAKER AND DIRECTOR – Massimo Brega is a photo reporter and a filmmaker specialized in producing TV documentaries with an international point of view, an…
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Camilla Tartaglione

PRODUCER / CO-PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION CONSULTANT – With an extensive background in journalism and tv production, a degree in Political Science – International Affairs and…
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Arianna Leonardi

JOURNALIST – Arianna Leonardi, a journalist and photographer specialized in technology and ICT, has worked as Researcher and Assistant Producer at the production of Kepach’s…
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Giovanni Zaninotto

SCRIPTSWRITER – Giovanni Zaninotto, author and producer assistant, took his first steps in the field of documentary production when he moved to Berlin in 2013.
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