The Sense Of Beauty

2017 • Full HD • 6 x 52′ • Italian – English

Directed by Massimo Brega
Hosted by Dominic Frisby
Music by Petteri Sainio


Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Instead it lies deep in our minds” Denis Dutton, philosopher. We are all interested in beauty and we think to know all about it. But where does it stem from? How and why does it change through time and places? Does a universal beauty really exist? In conclusion: what is the meaning of beauty?

It is this very question regarding “the oldest concept in the arts, but also the most subversive, dangerous and contemporary”, as stated by art critic Jonathan Jones, that inspires “The Sense Of Beauty”, a new series where art and knowledge become the lenses to discover the power, the complexity and the fascination of beauty. Six episodes where the spectator is guided by inventive and talented London born actor, comedian and writer Dominic Frisby through a journey in the world of beauty. Certain to arouse curiosity and wonder the documentary will investigate the concept of beauty from all points of view thanks to the contribution of famous artists, the most refined art critics, well known philosophers and scientists.


We start by looking at the Amygdala stone hand axe, the oldest work of art, to discover that the sense of beauty begins with man himself. With the help of Umberto Eco’s “History of Beauty” we learn that over the centuries beauty has assumed different forms and has been at times harmonious and at other Dionysian. We look at Western masterpieces through the centuries and we investigate Asian art to discover a different beauty, like the Japanese ‘Iki’, the sense of beauty in its most absolute form. We will learn what happens in our brain when experiencing beauty and we will also discover the other side of beauty or “artistic ugliness”. We will be shocked to learn that half of the art works on the market are fakes or incorrectly attributed, but we will also experience universal beauty through world heritage sites and inaccessible places to find out that beauty truly is our sixth sense.

  1. The Genesis Of Beauty
  2. The Atlas Of Beauty
  3. The Formula Of Beauty
  4. The Other Side Of Beauty
  5. The False Beauty
  6. The Universal Beauty